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With SIEMENS LV Motors Range - Take a Giant Leap into an energy efficient future.

With SIEMENS LV Motors Range - Take a Giant Leap into an energy efficient future.

With SIEMENS LV Motors Range - Take a Giant Leap into an energy efficient future. With Siemens low voltage motors we boost your competitiveness with reduced lifecycle cost and higher energy savings. The product spectrum for low voltage motors in India with a power rating from 0.12kW to 1750kW with voltage ranging from 380Vac to 690Vac. 

Siemens Motors are optimized for (DOL) direct on line operation with wide efficiency spectrum from efficiency class of IE2 to IE4.

Siemens motors are also suitable for variable-speed converter operation.

Siemens Motors with cast iron housings are especially rugged. This makes it the first choice for applications in the toughest environmental conditions. Siemens Motors are perfect fit for the Industrial and Manufacturing Environment for pumps, fans, compressors and many more applications.

SIEMENS motors conform to latest Indian IS:12615-2011 and IEC 60034 standards.

SIEMENS provides with the following range:
          1) Champion IE series Motors
          2) Simotics ILE7 Motors
          3) N- compact Series Motors
         4) Special Application Motors
         5) Siemens Global LV Motors Range of IEC and NEMA
                 1. Hazardous Motors
                 2. Safe Area Motors
                 3. Other motors (Roller Table, Steel Plant, Crane, Marine, Fan Ventilation)

K Dhandapani and co. is a leading SIEMENS Motor Distributor, CG Motor Distributor, Marathon Motor Distributor, SIEMENS Switchgear Distributor, MGM Varvel Gear Boxes Distributor, Finolex Wires and Finolex Cables distributor.

Our range of products includes:

SIEMENS Motors: SIEMENS IE2 Motors, SIEMENS IE3 Motors, SIEMENS IE4 Motor, SIEMENS Brake Motors, SIEMENS Special Motors, SIEMENS Geared Motors.

Marathon Motors: Marathon IE2 Motors, Marathon IE3 Motors, Marathon IE4 Motor, Marathon Brake Motors, Marathon Special Motors, Marathon Flame Proof Motors, Marathon Slip Ring Motors, Marathon Smoke Spill Motors, Marathon Aluminium Body Motors, Marathon Single Phase Motors, Marathon HV Motors.

CG Motors: CG IE2 Motors, CG IE3 Motors, CG IE4 Motor, CG Brake Motors, CG Special Motors, CG Flame Proof Motors, CG Slip Ring Motors, CG Smoke Extraction Motors, CG Aluminium Body Motors, CG Single Phase Motors, CG HV Motors, CG Crusher Duty Motor, CG Hazardous Area Motor.

Finolex Wires and Cables: Finolex House Wire, Finolex Cables, Finolex Armoured Cables, Finolex Flexible Cables.

SIEMENS Switchgears: SIEMENS Controlgears, SIEMENS Contactors, SIEMENS Power Contactors, SIEMENS Relays, SIEMENS MCBs, SIEMENS MCCBs, SIEMENS MPCBs, SIEMENS Spare Coils, SIEMENS DC Contactors, SIEMENS ACBs, SIEMENS HRC Fuses, SIEMENS BS Fuses, SIEMENS DIN Type Fuses, SIEMENS Thyristor Fuses, SIEMENS Soft Starters, SIEMENS DOL Starters, SIEMENS Star Delta Starters, SIEMENS Timers, SIEMENS Indication Lamps, SIEMENS Push Buttons, SIEMENS Limit Switches, SIEMENS Semiconductor Fuse, SIEMENS RCCBs.

MGM Varvel: MGM Varvel Gear Boxes, MGM Varvel Geared Motors, MGM Varvel Brake Motors, MGM Varvel Motors, MGM Varvel Helical Gear box, MGM Varvel Worm Gear Box.